Vegan Bikini Body Program

Dear fitness enthusiast,

Ready to get that competition-tight bikini body without deprivation, intense cravings, and zero energy?


Sound too good to be true?

It isn’t – and I know because I’ve done it. And now I want to share my secret to getting that lean, toned look without putting yourself through 3 months of carb-depletion; with it’s low energy, mood swings, intense cravings, and more.

A Typical Bikini Diet

Normally a woman who was preparing for a bikini competition or even most women who just want to look lean and toned in their bikini use a similar diet to get to their desired look. This involves lots of lean animal protein like egg whites, chicken, and fish and lots of veggies. They keep track of their macronutrient ratios and especially reduce their carbohydrate intake, so much so that many experience severe side effects such as low energy, mood swings, and intense cravings that make it difficult to remain on the diet.

If you talk to any typical bodybuilder or bikini competitor, they will tell you that diet is 95% of their success – and that the diet is HORRIBLE!

But they also feel that their results at the end of the dieting period are worth all the deprivation and negative side effects.

But what happens after their competition – or for some, after the point when their body decides it can’t take the diet anymore, and overrides their mind’s decision to stick to the diet? They binge on all the delicious foods that they had been dreaming of during their period of deprivation, and end up gaining all the weight back and usually even more. Only now, they are even more affected by the way their body looks because just a few short months ago they were the leanest they had ever been! Unfortunately, this is the beginning of some severe body image issues for many women.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Like This!

Obviously the typical bikini diet works at lowering body fat for some women, as testified by 99% of the competitors out there. But those are only the ones who make it to the stage. There are countless numbers of women who have tried the typical bikini diet and “failed”: failed to either lose weight, actually gained weight, or couldn’t stick to the diet because of cravings or health issues.

If there is one thing that coaching other women has taught me through the years, it is that our bodies are all unique. We have our own formula of food that makes our bodies sing, and that formula can change a bit over time. So if you are one of these women who have “failed” previously on a typical bikini diet, then I hope that this helps you realize it wasn’t your fault – some of us just need a different formula to get that rocking bikini body.

For me, I achieved my best bikini body and even became a Nationally qualified bikini competitor using a high carb low fat vegan diet.

For me, this diet was amazing – it not only helped me to shred fat and get to my leanest point I’d ever been, but it was full of delicious high carb foods that kept me satisfied every day. I never experience intense cravings, I was full of energy, and my moods were also even and good.

After having such an amazing experience competing and then hearing how awful other womens’ experiences were, I knew I had to share my technique with you. First I worked 1-on-1 with many women to help them utilize this diet to achieve their own lean bikini bodies, like the gorgeous Amanda’s 3 month progress below:


Portion of Amanda’s testimonial:

“Other things I have noticed…. 1.) no more dizzy spells 2.) teeth don’t bleed when I brush or floss anymore 3.) Canker sores. I would normally get a canker sore looking at a pickle or spaghetti sauce. I have eaten jars of pickles and lots of marinara sauce and pineapples and been not getting canker sores. Pretty amazing! 4.) my skin is clear!!! 5.) can train hard and still have energy- not feeling rundown or sluggish. When I have high animal protein meals and train hard.- I always felt drained or in a fog trying to get through the day.”

Now I want to be able to share it with even more women, and the best way for me to do that is to create this product and share it here at an affordable price, so you can get started right away on your own bikini body using a high carb vegan diet.


Vegan Bikini Body

Let’s go over what’s all included in this 12 week program:

  1. Meal Plans with recipes: everything is going to be spelled out for you, each day you will know exactly what to be eating at what times to get you the great results you are after.
  2. Workout Plans: yes, diet is a huge part of getting that lean look, but if you don’t have those beautiful muscles developed there won’t be much to show off after you lose the fat! I have included my best workouts here geared towards creating a beautifully sculpted and toned bikini body.
  3. Peak Week Instructions: this one is for my ladies that are looking to use this product to compete, and will go over everything you need to do to come in to the show day looking your best.
  4. Answers to all of your most asked questions: how to know how much weight to use, how many times a day do I need to eat, how to figure out your calorie intake, and more!

Normally the investment for working with me 1-on-1 for 3 months to develop a plan like this would be $750 or more. Today you can grab all the essential tools I used to become a nationally qualified bikini competitor for only


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