Personal Training Spots Now Available!

I have just opened up a few personal training spots – if you are interested, read below to get started today!


Ready to get into great shape but feel like you could use some help? Let’s work together to get you that healthy, sexy body you’ve been after!

ready for me to train youI’d love to design a workout program that is perfect for you; one that fits your body, goals, and lifestyle, as well as works with the equipment you already have (if you don’t have a gym membership). I love to keep things interesting so that you look forward to each week’s training.

When I train you, you can expect: 

  • fun, new workouts each week tailored to fit your body and goals
  • no stressing about what to do each day to achieve the body you are after, just follow the plan step-by-step
  • bi-weekly check-ins so I can make adjustments if needed to the plan
  • a supportive coach who you can reach out to with questions or motivation along the way

Ready to get started? Here’s how:

Getting started with your new training plan is easy, simply… click here to get started today!

Excited to work with you!

Lots of love,

Jenni B

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