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The Flying Trapeze Artist

You know that story of the trapeze artist? The one where he’s gracefully flying through the air hanging delicately from a wooden bar suspended a gazillion feet in the air, and it all looks so beautiful, so simple. That is until he has to, in a moment’s notice, hurl himself from one bar to the next to continue the show?

That is the exact moment I have been in lately, only instead of courageously leaping to the next bar I’ve hit pause, trying to study from an outsider’s perspective just which type of leap will get me there with the least chance of tumbling a gazillion miles straight down to certain doom.

I know that I have two choices; I can either continue holding onto the bar I’m currently on and gently swing back and forth until eventually there is no more momentum and no more show, or I can choose to face certain death by reaching out for that next bar, momentarily suspended in air then whooshed forward swiftly into the future.

Sure the former feels so secure, but do I really want to put my future on hold, put all that personal growth on hold? Hell no! So here we go….


I have been feeling for quite some time now that I needed to step away from the low fat vegan diet for many reasons.

1.) I would like to help more people and I feel like my services would be better geared towards individuals who are just getting started on their health-journey. Therefore, widening my philosophy on diet will help me to bring in more individuals who aren’t ready for something as extreme as a low fat vegan diet or simply who don’t wish to be vegans at all.

2.) I would like to do more local work and for the same reasons as in #1 those individuals will not be served as well by me unless I broaden my perspective. If I show them my current website, they usually run screaming because they just aren’t ready for something so “limiting” and don’t fully believe me when I say I won’t make them go vegan.

3.) And I saved the BIGGEST reason for last, mostly because it’s the most difficult for me to write about (and the reason why this leap is so incredibly frightening for me)… I don’t feel like this diet works for everyone. And not only that, I feel like other diets would work faster and better even for individuals that this diet DOES work for.

Now don’t get me wrong – I still love the low fat vegan diet, it works great for me! But I have coached enough people now that I see an unfortunate trend: this diet works great for a percentage of the population (not a big enough one to make me very happy about professing it), it works ok for another portion (but they work their ass off for some pretty minuscule results), and there is a large percentage that gain weight on this diet no matter what they seem to do to stop it.

And that wasn’t the only indicator that I may need to widen my horizons…

Through my research I started learning about all these individuals who didn’t do so well on this diet, even though they were doing it all correct. Some of them, like the RawBrahs, I had followed their journey even as I was just getting into the diet and saw them fail but dismissed their failure as some weakness they had (horrible I know). Others I learned about more recently. Like Denise Minger of Raw Food SOS – if you haven’t read her story I HIGHLY encourage a good look at her site. In both cases, it wasn’t until they added animal foods back into their diet that they experience true health.

And it wasn’t just personal stories that intrigued me. Take Weston A. Price, whose diet I had also previously laughed at for how “ridiculous” it was, now once I was able to open my mind up enough to allow alternative information to actually sink in I realized how amazingly revolutionary his work is, and how it could affect so many lives in a positive way. Even though my sincere love for animals and disdain for the way they are treated today wants me to continue to sweep his work under the rug, that doesn’t do any of us any good. We have to be able to take an honest look at all angles to come up with the best truth that can help us solve our challenges today, and I feel like his work has to be included as a piece of the puzzle.

And what about Dr. Bernard Jensen who was an amazing natural healer for 60+ years, living to over 90 years old AFTER healing from cancer AND paralysis in his 80’s, wrote over 50 books on natural healing, healed kings and queens and all numbers of others…. and who recommends goat’s milk and eggs among other non-vegan supplements.

And these stories are just a small percentage of the ones I read and heard through my process of discovery that were pushing me towards my decision to back away from the low fat vegan diet as my sole dietary recommendation.


Have you ever had that experience where you buy a new car and then you start to notice that same car EVERYWHERE, when you never noticed it hardly at all before? This is a classic example of how we filter out the information that is always present in our world.

What’s even more intriguing to me however, is when we filter out information so that our belief systems can be supported. So in my previous situation, I believed whole-heartedly in the low fat vegan diet feeling it was God’s diet, the diet we were designed to eat. So I filtered out or refused to accept any information that would go against this belief. And it’s not until you allow yourself to suspend a belief as simply an idea for a minute, then re-evaluate the previously refused information that you will be able to see all of that information for what it really is.

I wanted to mention this here today because some of you may be so entrenched with belief in the low fat vegan diet that you aren’t able to listen to signals from your body saying it’s not working for you. To truly be healthy, we need to be able to maintain an open mind about “truths” we believe we “know” and simply listen honestly to what our bodies are saying, how they are responding to our actions.

And although it is incredibly difficult still for me to say it – we have to do the same thing with veganism. We cannot let a belief override or filter out the truth.


Now that I have faced my personal biggest fear and told you all how I’ve been feeling, the next question is where to go from here?

I am currently making my garage into a bit of a gym so that I can make several workout videos for you guys each week. I will continue to teach about nutrition but with a more widened, basic approach. There will still be great information and recipes for all of you who are low fat vegans and do well on the diet, I’m definitely not excluding you – simply including more others as well 🙂

And I also want to start moving into how getting healthy plays into our personal growth and development, another passion of mine. So many great things to come, I am looking forward to experiencing this next bar with all of you! Thank you for the journey so far, I love you!

Lots of love,

Jenni B


Today I am brining you a great 20 minute HIIT at home cardio workout that you can do with zero equipment.


You will be setting your timer for 5 rounds with a 3 min interval and a 1 min interval. There is no rest in this workout so you will need to just take a quick break when you absolutely need it. Otherwise give it your all!

Round 1

Jump Rope – 3 min

Bicycle Crunches – 1 min

Round 2

High Knees – 3 min

Lying Leg Lifts – 1 min

Round 3

Jump Rope (I got tired and finished with High Knees) – 3 min

Russian Twist – 1 min

Round 4

Hold High Plank – 3 min

V Up with Reverse Crunch – 1 min

Round 5

Burpees – 3 min

Crunches – 1 min

If you liked today’s workout but feel your body needs more than just at home workouts to get that lean look you’re after, check out my Vegan Bikini Body Program that was recently released! It has 12 weeks of awesome weight workouts that are designed to get you curvy yet lean: the perfect bikini body!

Vegan Bikini Body Program


Lots of love,

Jenni B

What I Ate Today on a Low Fat Diet

I’m back today with another What I Ate video – you guys love these so much 🙂 So without further ado, here is:


Hope you guys enjoyed this one 🙂

Here’s a quick overview of what was in my day:

Breakfast: smoothie made from 4 bananas, protein, almond milk and baby spinach.

Lunch: Oatmeal topped with PB2, coconut sugar, raisins, and cranberries

Snack: Another smoothie like at breakfast only 3 bananas instead of 4

Dinner: Blueberry Pancakes (recipe in video)

Remember, this is what works for MY body. It’s what makes me feel great everyday. What works for your body and makes you feel great may be different – so remain open for experimentation!

Lots of love,

Jenni B

P.S. Just a reminder that my new Vegan Bikini Body program is ready for you guys! It details exactly what to eat and what exercise plan to follow to get a lean, bikini body using the high carb vegan diet! You can check it out here: 

Vegan Bikini Body Program

Vegan Bikini Body Program – Done!

Hey gals!

Many of you wanted to work with me on training for a bikini competition using a low fat vegan diet, and unfortunately I didn’t have the time to work with ALL of you. But I still wanted to help in whatever way I could, so I created a program for you that outlines everything I did to place 2nd and become a nationally qualified competitor. That program is the:

Vegan Bikini Body Program

And it is now done! You can check it out by clicking here!

A few things I want to cover before I let you jump over and check it out more:

1. A gym membership (or access to a full gym) is required! Unfortunately it cannot be modified for an at home gym user. However, if you are looking for some great at home workouts that can get you toned and lean, I am about to open up some online personal training spots and would love to save you a spot if you are interested: simply email me at

2. Some of you are raw food enthusiasts and were wondering how raw the menu was – it has lots of cooked foods in it and would take quite a bit of changing to make it all raw.

3. Finally, this program is not for every body! Just like the traditional bodybuilding diet doesn’t work for everyone, this diet may not work for everyone. But I think there are many of you that it will be amazing for 🙂 Here is the video I made explaining it in more detail as well:

Click Here to head on over to the Vegan Bikini Body Program!

Lots of love,

Jenni B

Legs and Abs At Home Workout

Here is a quick legs and abs at home workout that you can do with no equipment (you’ll just need to pull out a chair or stool and you’ll be set!).

For this workout you will be doing 2 different circuits, one for legs and one for abs.

You’ll start with this leg circuit: 

Do 20 reps of each of the following exercises

1. Skaters

2. Air Squats

3. Plie Squats

4. Jump Squats

5. Bulgarian Split Squats (right leg)

6. Bulgarian Split Squats (left leg)

7. Bridge Squeezes (3 second squeeze at top)

Then the ab circuit looks like this: 

Do 20 reps of each of the following exercises

1. Straight Crunch

2. Lying Leg Lifts

3. Russian Twists

4. V-Ups

5. Boat Hold

6. Plank Hold

7. Side Plank Hold Right

8. Plank Hold

9. Side Plank Hold Left

10. Plank Hold

11. Chattarunga Hold

I would suggest doing 3 sets of each circuit. I started with 1 set of the leg circuit, moved into 1 set of the ab circuit, then went back and forth for 3 sets of each circuit. Alternatively, you could do 3 sets of the leg circuit, then 3 sets of the ab circuit to really push each body part to the max.

Hope you enjoy today’s workout!

Lots of love

Jenni B

Can You Workout While Pregnant?

In case you missed the quick announcement video I made on youtube – I am pregnant again! We are about 11 weeks right now, and I have been dealing with quite a bit of nausea, making it a bit more difficult to follow my diet and exercise plan exactly as I would like to – but I am still getting in as much as possible!

Can You Workout While Pregnant?

Since this is my third pregnancy, I am much more relaxed around what is going on inside my body. But if you are a first time mom-to-be, this whole pregnancy thing can be pretty scary. There’s a whole lot of advice about what you should be avoiding during your pregnancy, so much so that it sometimes seems like you shouldn’t do ANYTHING while you are pregnant… including workout!

However, I would like to put your mind at ease a bit. Not only is it OK to workout during pregnancy, it is actually something I HIGHLY recommend you get in as often as feels good to you during your pregnancy and beyond. Not only will it keep you in better shape through your pregnancy, making post-baby weight loss quicker and easier, it may also help to make your labor easier and quicker!

You can check out the video below I made about this topic, and once you are comfortable about working out during your pregnancy, you can check out the next video showing you one of my first workouts I did after finding out I was pregnant (NOTE: If you are not already accustomed to doing HIIT workouts and you are pregnant, I would suggest starting off with something less intense).


Lots of love,

Jenni B