My Snowy Valentine's Day

I hope that your Valentine”s Day was extra-lovely this year!

Unfortunately, my hubby had to work some extra days this week so we didn”t actually get to celebrate with him this holiday.

The boys and I decided we would still do something special though and opted for a snowy Valentine”s Day up at Mt. Charleston!

They haven”t really gotten to play in snow much since it hardly snows here in Vegas, and when it does it”s not really enough to play with. So it was really cute to see the way they reacted to the snow. My youngest was especially funny, looking quite appalled every time he fell and his hands landed in the cold snow.

Being out in nature is one of my absolute favorite things, and Mt. Charleston never disappoints! Just take a look at how beautiful it was yesterday…

And it”s less than an hour drive from here which means it”s the perfect day get away!

My youngest fell asleep right as we got home, so Jayden and I took advantage of the quiet and made some healthy sugar cookies.

I went pretty much off of this recipe here then used some leftover Coconut Cream I had made the other day to dip them in. It was a pretty delicious Valentine”s treat!

Then Jayden and I made some weaving looms out of sticks we had found on the mountain and made a picture of the sky we”d seen that afternoon on it. He”s really been into weaving lately, and I must say I”m really loving it too! It”s such a meditative experience 🙂

A bit abnormal of a celebration, but I must say it was a wonderful Valentine”s Day for me!

What about you? Did you do something special to celebrate with the one”s you love?

<3 Jenni


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