Wellness Strategies

Can You Build Muscle on a Low Fat Vegan Diet?

One of the questions I get asked quite often is, “Can you build muscle on a low fat vegan diet?” Today I wanted to show you that the answer to this question is an undeniable yes! I know because I have done it… 🙂  CAN YOU BUILD MUSCLE ON A LOW FAT VEGAN DIET The […]

Great At Home Workout List

I used to take for granted being able to go to the gym whenever I wanted without having to stress about how long I would be gone or who was going to take care of the boys while I was away… ahh those were the days! lol Now it is a bit more of a […]

Bubble Butt Workout

I jam still sore from one of the best butt workouts I have done in a long time! And since I know that means a nice shapely rear in the future, I thought you might like it if I share this great workout with you too! BEST BUBBLE BUTT WORKOUT THE WORKOUT Barbell Squat – […]

Vegan Bikini Meal Plan

Since I have posted about my bikini competitions as a high fruit-er, there have been several ladies who have come forward asking for more information. They too have wanted to compete but didn’t want to put their body through the traditional strict bodybuilder’s diet of meat and vegetables. If you are interested in how to […]

What to Eat on a Low Fat Vegan Diet Today

Been wondering what to eat on a low fat vegan diet? Even when someone gives you guidelines as to what they think you should eat to be healthy, often times you are still left wondering what in the heck you actually put in your mouth on a day to day basis. I’m not actually telling […]

Raw Food Recipe: Smoothie Bowl!

Smoothies happen to be one of the best inventions that the raw food movement brought into my life. They are delicious, so quick to make and easy to clean up after, and you have endless varieties! But sometimes, a girl just wants to chew on something. RAW FOOD RECIPE: SMOOTHIE BOWL And that is the […]