The Flying Trapeze Artist

You know that story of the trapeze artist? The one where he’s gracefully flying through the air hanging delicately from a wooden bar suspended a gazillion feet in the air, and it all looks so beautiful, so simple. That is until he has to, in a moment’s notice, hurl himself from one bar to the […]

Can You Build Muscle on a Low Fat Vegan Diet?

One of the questions I get asked quite often is, “Can you build muscle on a low fat vegan diet?” Today I wanted to show you that the answer to this question is an undeniable yes! I know because I have done it… 🙂  CAN YOU BUILD MUSCLE ON A LOW FAT VEGAN DIET The […]

Austin Bats & Clips from Our Move

We have finally arrived in Austin! Yay! It is definitely an interesting challenge to move so far with two young children and a dog. Luckily the trip was almost uneventful and even fun! Here are some clips from our trip here and our new house, plus some from the Austin bats too! AUSTIN BATS & […]

Highlights from our Austin trip!

We went to Austin this weekend to check out our new area and absolutely loved it! I wanted to share with you a couple of the clips I took on my iphone of the city, our backyard including my new garden spot, and even the boys’ playground at their new school. The one thing they […]

10 Benefits of the Raw Food Diet – (low fat high raw)

Curious about what the benefits of the raw food diet are – and why anyone in their right mind would eat only raw fruits and vegetables all day everyday? Check out my top 10 benefits in today’s video: 10 BENEFITS OF THE RAW FOOD DIET Here are my top 10 benefits: 1. Increased energy – […]

10 Reasons Why Sunshine is Good For You

Want to know my top 10 Reasons Why Sunshine is Healthy? I love being out in the sun and always have. Now I have reasons why I should indulge more often 🙂 10 REASONS WHY SUNSHINE IS GOOD FOR YOU 1. Sunlight enables the body to assimilate calcium, making for much stronger bones. 2. With […]