Healthy Halloween Ideas

It has been such a whirlwind around here lately that I’ve barely noticed that it is almost Halloween! We haven’t even picked out costume ideas or anything… guess it’s time for this mama to get on it! How about you? Are you ready for Halloween? And also important… does your Halloween plan follow along with […]

30 Day Raw Challenge

I am so excited about 2014 and I can’t wait to get it started off right in January! For the whole month of January (30 Days) I will be eating 100% raw, and several of my friends and family members will be joining in on the fun! Will you? 30 DAY RAW CHALLENGE For this […]

Low Fat Vegan Dinner Ideas

Two days ago I made a delicious dinner that also happens to be quite simple to make. Today, I thought I’d share it with you! Check out the video below for the yummy details: LOW FAT VEGAN DINNER IDEAS For the low fat vegan dinner: Bake some sweet potatoes in an oven heated to 375 […]

Post Holiday Weight Loss Made Easy!

POST HOLIDAY WEIGHT LOSS Ready to give yourself the gift of living in a body that you love? Starting January 1st, 2014, I will have 3 coaching spots opening up. Let me personally walk you through how to lose weight and get healthy in a way that is seriously sweet and simple (not to mention […]

Transitioning Family to Raw Food

If you have recently gone raw and are anything like I was when I made the change, you can hardly help yourself from stopping everyone on the street and telling them they should go raw. I could not see why the whole world wasn’t raw in the beginning, especially my family members who I loved […]

Low Fat Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, can you believe it? I honestly cannot believe how quick the days go by anymore! Luckily our family gets to slow down a bit during Thanksgiving, when most others’ are busy busy. We take an annual vacation back to Florida to relax on the beach and enjoy all the […]