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Can You Workout While Pregnant?

In case you missed the quick announcement video I made on youtube – I am pregnant again! We are about 11 weeks right now, and I have been dealing with quite a bit of nausea, making it a bit more difficult to follow my diet and exercise plan exactly as I would like to – […]

Healthy Halloween Ideas

It has been such a whirlwind around here lately that I’ve barely noticed that it is almost Halloween! We haven’t even picked out costume ideas or anything… guess it’s time for this mama to get on it! How about you? Are you ready for Halloween? And also important… does your Halloween plan follow along with […]

Low Fat Homemade Ice Cream Recipe

I know that this whole low fat homemade ice cream idea has been going around ALOT online, but I am still surprised often by who doesn’t know about this amazing treat. So today I wanted to share with you my favorite recipe for delicious low fat homemade ice cream that takes only 1 single healthy […]

One of My Fav DIY Natural Cleaning Products

I shared with you before the diy floor cleaning solution that I use and I know you guys enjoyed that, so today I wanted to share with you one of my other favorite DIY natural cleaning products – my all purpose cleanser. DIY NATURAL CLEANING PRODUCTS For this cleanser, you simply take an old spray […]

How to Lose the Baby Weight Fast

I can still remember the feeling I had when I bought my first pair of jeans after having my son. They were mixed feelings really because on one hand I was happy to finally have a pair of “normal” jeans (not those boring maternity ones with the band that goes up to your breasts). But […]

Giveaway!! & Who Ate the Last Banana?

This weekend something terrible happened…. we ran out of ripe bananas!! For a whole 3 days we had zero tasty bananas and someone, I won’t mention who, got a little crazy. (check below video for how to get 2 raw recipe ebooks for FREE!) WHO ATE THE LAST BANANA? I have reached 1,000 beautiful subscribers […]