Best Diet for a Fit Body

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and enjoyed your family, friends, and FOOD! I personally ate so many sweets on Christmas day that I gave myself quite a headache and stomachache, bleh! But it served as a great reminder as to what those types of foods do to the body and surely […]

Express HIIT Workout

Here’s a new at home workout for you guys today, my Express HIIT Workout! To complete this workout, do the following circuit as many times as you can in 15 minutes: 5 burpees 10 squats 5 burpees 10 lying leg lifts 5 burpees 10 alternating lunges Good luck and let me know how many rounds […]

Shoulder and Cardio Workout

Here is a great shoulder and cardio workout that you can do with just a few weights. Hope you enjoy! Lots of love, Jenni

Personal Training Spots Now Available!

I have just opened up a few personal training spots – if you are interested, read below to get started today! …………………………………………………. Ready to get into great shape but feel like you could use some help? Let’s work together to get you that healthy, sexy body you’ve been after! I’d love to design a workout […]

Upper Body Workout for Women

Looking for a great upper body workout for women? I love working out my upper body: biceps, triceps, back, and shoulders are all so much fun to train! Give this workout a try and you’ll see what I mean! UPPER BODY WORKOUT FOR WOMEN This workout consists of 3 supersets followed by a quick 10 […]

Booty Pop Workout

Here is another great booty workout for you guys! BOOTY POP WORKOUT Lots of love, Jenni B