Success Stories

  • I’m a 30 year old mother and wife who, like most, managed to slowly gain weight over the years until one day I stepped on the scale and was totally unhappy with being over 200lbs. If the weight gain wasn’t enough, I was also constantly tired, unmotivated, and generally moody. I had pain in my shoulders and hips as well as regular headaches. I was ready to change my life and my eating habits but had no idea where to start.I had done every “diet” under the sun….well almost. I had done diet pills that made me jittery and moody (er). I tried Herbalife and spent over $100 a month to lose a whopping 12lbs and gained it right back after I could no longer afford the stuff. I tried T3 in both pill form and liquid form and ended up no lighter but very sick. I also tried the South Beach Diet with very little results and no extra energy.Finally, thanks to Jenni, I was introduced into a new way of eating and thinking!! The process was so exciting because there was something new to try every time we spoke and I knew she was always there for me if I needed her! Before long I was dealing with issues that had nothing to do with food as well as watching my weight drop due to my new lifestyle.I was soon able to play with my 9 year old daughter at the park without being too tired to actually enjoy it. My pain started to go away in my shoulders and hips. I was able to make it through a workout without giving up. Also by the end of our time I had almost completely stopped having menstrual cramps!!!! Who wouldn’t want that?! I have more energy than I know what to do with now.  I had Jenni’s help for 6 months and in that short time I went through all these changes as well as losing 42lbs and 5 pant sizes!!! I feel amazing! And while I still do stray from time to time, she gave me the tools I need to listen to my body and to get right back with it without feeling guilty and depressed. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Jenni!! Amazing health coach!

    Sharee Robbins, KS

  • 5 weeks progress - 1.5 inches off waist!

    I just wanted to send a quick note that I am super super happy and so grateful I found you and you are taking the time to work with me! I am doing great! Feeling fantastic and so connected! I love it.  No skin breakouts, no energy slumps, no cravings, not feeling acidic at all, clear! And I just started. I am thrilled!                                                                                                                                                                                                                     (Left pic week 1, right pic week 5…   1.5 inches off waist & still going)    Amanda

  • “I know what I’m doing with my plan and my approach is aligned. Finally – it feels so right!… Headed towards the true me! You have no idea how much you have helped release and revive me… That was very powerful – Thank you!     Kristi Attaway, UT                                              
  • “I feel very honored and privileged to have this time with you. The notes and handouts from each session are incredibly empowering; they always feel validating, inspiring, and like a hug from someone/something as powerful as the sun, all at the same time. Saying I am SO GLAD you decided to become a Health Coach is an understatement because I could never find the words to tell you how good each and every session has been for me, in such a holistic way… body, mind, heart, and soul! Thank You!”       Rebekah, NV
  • “My belly is flat, I’ve had nice, even energy, I am more satisfied with my meals and am just eating whatever I want whenever I want it. Not craving sweets… I really think [this] is working for me. Thanks so much. You have an accessible, compassionate, well-thought-out and fun way of presenting information to keep your sisters healthy, sexy and happy.”      Lela Neff