My Story

I am always so intrigued at how a person arrives to the point where they decide to start making changes in their life to better their health. I feel like my own story is a little different than most, but hopefully you find some inspiration in it as I have in others’.

I grew up on the typical Standard American Diet, eating extremely processed foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I had no idea that what you eat affects how healthy you are each day, let alone how much energy and happiness you experience.

When I went to college, I ate what most college kids do… the cheapest, most stimulating foods around. I loved McDonald’s and Taco Bell, and kept myself going with the biggest Starbuck’s cup I could find. Lucky for me this wouldn’t last long. When I found out I was pregnant with my first son, I made an entire 180 degree switch with my life and I haven’t looked back!

I say my story is different because it wasn’t an illness or breakdown that brought me to see the value in nutrition. I considered myself pretty healthy at the time, although thinking back I remember suffering from constant acne, bouts of depression, terrible anxiety, and a growing lack of energy. Because I considered myself healthy, I am certain it would have taken me a long time to even realize I needed to make changes had I not become pregnant.

As I began thinking about my baby every day and thinking how I was going to be my best for him, the world began to feel a bit scary. This was amplified as I started to read about how what you put in and on your body can have a huge (negative) impact on your growing baby. I became so motivated to give my baby the best start possible that I started studying nutrition through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

I was lucky to get into health and nutrition while I was pregnant because just being pregnant was a huge motivating factor for me to make changes. Even with this huge motivating factor and my newfound obsession with nutrition, it took me a few years to transition to a place where I felt completely healthy and full of life each day.

After my second son was born, I realized I needed to step my game up a bit if I wanted to have the same body I was used to seeing before having children. So I added in a fitness focus on top of my nutrition knowledge and now I have helped myself and many others look and feel better than they ever have! Now I can’t wait to watch YOUR progress!